Your Views: Town of Plymouth incumbents are team worth retaining

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Integrity and competence are critical for good township governance. Here in the town of Plymouth, we have both, with town Chairman Larry Harding, Supervisors Steven Reynolds and Sean Snyder, Clerk Sue Douglas and Treasurer Tippy Phillips.

It’s a great team. They work well together, with the community, and prudently manage town issues. They should all be retained. Town of Plymouth governance isn’t broken and doesn’t need any fixing, especially by inexperienced job seekers who don’t attend town meetings. I can’t imagine how any such challengers can think they can come in and do anything constructively with no background in our town government.

Major issues of finance, roads, environment and taxation face the town over the next few years. These require professionalism, networks and experience, not on-on-the job trainees. Maybe it’s the paycheck, maybe vengeance, ego, who knows why these kinds of candidates are running? There is no room in Plymouth for amateur mistakes or vendettas. The consequences could be catastrophic for all of Plymouth’s citizens, not just candidates.

Vote and retain all of our fair and hard-working Plymouth incumbents.


Orfordville (town of Plymouth)


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