Your Views: Proud mom urges votes for Sam Liebert on Janesville City Council

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Friday, April 3, 2015

I want to take a moment to ask the people of Janesville to vote for my son, Sam Liebert, on April 7. I’m obviously a proud mom, but I’m even more proud of him as a public servant for his past four years of service on the city council. Sam has been a vocal and active councilman for several major issues.

His support and leadership early on helped push along the construction of the new fire station. He is one of the only council members who visited every home affected by the new fire station and asked residents for their input and thoughts. He believes in the safety and welfare of every person in Janesville. This is shown by his endorsement from the Janesville firefighters union.

He has also been incredibly supportive of redeveloping our downtown and making it a lively and vibrant place again. Sam served on the downtown revitalization committee, which created the ARISE plan, which will help usher in a new era downtown. Sam believes in the input of the business sector and is incredibly thankful for their ideas to help move our city forward.

Sam has known Janesville as his home for 25 years. I remember helping him learn how to ride a bike on the streets of Janesville. I know Sam loves Janesville with all of his heart and will continue to represent and fight for what is right for all of us.

Please join me in voting for Sam Liebert on Tuesday.




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