Your Views: Re-elect Douglas Marklein to council; he listens, does homework

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

I strongly endorse Douglas Marklein in his re-election to the Janesville City Council. He has shown that he listens to the residents. Having experienced talking to the council for many years prior to his service, he understands how it feels to come before the city with concerns.

I appreciate how Marklein explains why he voted the way he does, even if I do not always agree. He obviously does his homework.

Marklein has been a strong voice in ensuring that the city operates in a cost-efficient manner, creating value for taxpayers. A good example is his involvement with designing the new fire station and keeping it within budget.

I urge all voters to re-elect Douglas Marklein when they go to the polls April 7. We need his leadership and decision-making to make Janesville prosper.




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