Your Views: Mike Haakenson handles case befitting move up to Rock County judge

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

As an observer of Rock County Commissioner Mike Haakenson in a family court matter last year, I was immediately impressed with his handling of the issues for all the parties that day. Every matter in any court, whether civil or criminal, involves family and becomes stressful for everyone.

Commissioner Haakenson demonstrated what each of us would expect and appreciate from any presiding judge. What came through clearly were his thoroughness in getting information; his ability to listen intently to each person; his respectful care to each one; his willingness to extend time as necessary to gain information and assess individual situations and opinions; his research into additional information from collateral sources in the courthouse; and, finally, his conscious deliberation that didn’t rush to go on to another case. He extended a rational decision based on what would be reasonable expectations for each party involved.

Mike Haakenson is fully prepared to bring these demonstrations of his character and intelligence to the Rock County bench, and there are many other attributes well described by other endorsements.




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