Your Views: Council candidate Kay Deupree has bettered Janesville

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

We are supporting Kay Deupree for individual reasons for the Janesville City Council.

I got to know and work with Kay many years ago, while teaching at Wilson Elementary School. She was involved with the Lighted School House Program. Kay is an intelligent, caring individual. She worked with students who could be having difficult times either academically or socially. She would stay in touch with teachers to let us know how students were progressing. We could collaborate on ways to help those students be successful. It was at that time that I earned a true respect for Kay. She didn’t give up on challenging situations.

Dave met Kay while working on community committees with her. He found her willing to listen to others and think for herself, and she was able to make compromises when needed.

We both feel Kay is a sincere, approachable person who really cares about Janesville. She has volunteered in many ways in the community to make Janesville a better place to live. She won’t be afraid to speak up for her constituents. We are sure she will take the input of her constituents in making decisions that are best for Janesville.

Please consider voting for Kay Deupree for city council.




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