Judge James Daley: I vow to follow constitution and rule of law

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Judge James Daley
Thursday, April 2, 2015

Judges are to be neutral arbiters of the law—a baseball umpire calling balls and strikes—and, under all circumstances, we must fully adhere to the state and federal constitutions and the rule of law.

Voters should evaluate potential judges based on our legal ability and our commitment to interpreting the law without bias or prejudice. Since 1989, I have served Rock County as a circuit court judge, and I have presided over 30,000 cases. In all instances, my compass has been the Constitution, and my purpose has been to implement the law as it is written.

A Supreme Court justice should never use that position to legislate from the bench. The U.S. and state constitutions are clear about the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers, and about the fundamental roles granted to each branch.

My opponent, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, has not demonstrated an ability to stay in her judicial lane. Instead, she acts as a “super-legislator”—making decisions from the bench without consideration given to whether the case before her is constitutional. She makes decisions based on what fits into her personal political agenda.

Let me give you examples of where her unchecked judicial activism has surfaced, and where you will find she has inserted her personal beliefs, individual agenda and political goals into the judiciary.

First, in the lead paint case, Justice Bradley threw years of established law out the window and voted to hold a company responsible for an injury the company could not be proved to have caused. This set up a dangerous precedent and uncertainty for the future of Wisconsin businesses.

She joined the dissent on the Act 10 decision, thereby carrying water for out-of-state special interests in an attempt to undo the state Legislature and Gov. Scott Walker’s duly enacted governmental reforms.

And in the voter ID case, Justice Bradley joined the dissent and voted to block the legislation from becoming law, which, if she had it her way, would keep the state’s electoral process wide open to fraud and abuse.

It is time for a replacement—a new voice who understands the proper role of the state’s high court—and I am here to step up to the plate and make sure the basic pillars of our government are upheld.

Let me make my approach to the state Supreme Court very clear.

As a justice, I will not use my seat on the court to overturn the will of the people in favor of my own personal beliefs.

As a justice, I will interpret the Constitution and rule of law as they are written.

And as a justice, I will not insert a political agenda into the body of my work. I will render thoughtful, just, fair and appropriate decisions in all matters before me.

I would like to restore your faith in the judiciary, and with your support we can accomplish that goal.

I ask for your vote on April 7.

Rock County Judge James Daley is a candidate for Wisconsin State Supreme Court; website votedaley.com; Facebook facebook.com/VoteDaley; phone 608-352-0620.


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