Your Views: Janesville should elect two women to city council

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Janesville was fortunate to have more than 20 citizens express interest in serving on the city council through the appointment process. We are also fortunate to have six candidates who have offered to serve us on the city council by running in Tuesday’s election. My thanks go out to all of the candidates.

I urge everyone to cast two of their four votes for Carol Tidwell and Kay Deupree. Both of these women have histories of serving their churches and our community.

Carol has been an attorney for more than 35 years and works as a federal mediator for labor and employment disputes. She was appointed to Janesville’s sidewalk task force in 2012, and fellow members of that task force elected her as the chairperson, where she worked very effectively.

Kay has been actively involved in our community for decades. She also lives in an area of Janesville that rarely has a neighbor on the council.

We need people such as Kay and Carol to work collaboratively with the citizens of Janesville, our valued employees, and all of the wonderful people who volunteer their time and talents working on various committees for our city. An added benefit is that we would once again have women on our city council, which has been a completely male group since Kathy Voskuil stepped down after serving so effectively on our council for six years. Kay and Carol are intelligent and hard-working people who will serve our city well.




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