Your Views: Former Rock County clerk of court backs Ann Walsh Bradley for state Supreme Court

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I served Rock County as clerk of circuit court for the last 18 years, until my retirement this January. Because of my knowledge of the actions of the presiding judge in the Rock County Courthouse, I am supporting Justice Ann Walsh Bradley for state Supreme Court. She is honorable, trustworthy and believes in our state Constitution. Bradley is truly nonpartisan, unlike her opponent, who has accepted thousands of dollars from the State Republican Party.

Republicans want to change the state Constitution as to how the chief justice is selected. The state Constitution provides the chief justice of the Supreme Court is the justice with the most seniority. Republicans want to put partisan politics in the Wisconsin Supreme Court by selecting the chief justice from within their own ranks. We now have four conservative justices out of the seven members of the Supreme Court. We need to keep the high court nonpartisan. That's why I am supporting Justice Bradley for re-election.

I have had a front-row seat for 18 years watching these two judges perform their duties. Bradley is a constitutional scholar; her opponent is not. Bradley is a true nonpartisan judge; her opponent is not.

On April 7, please vote to retain Justice Bradley on the state Supreme Court and keep our state constitution working for us.




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