Your Views: Pommer strikes out in column on policing

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

If any journalist needs to stick to the facts, the “dean of the state Capitol correspondents,” Matt Pommer, has a special need to be accurate.

But accuracy was sorely lacking in his recent opinion piece, “Community policing under fire in Madison.”

Pommer notes that the Dane County Board rejected a federal grant, the “Cannabis Enforcement And Suppression Effort” (CEASE), but goes on to wrongly state “the grant provides money to fight heroin, other drugs and gun traffic.”

Not true. The $5000 federal grant was solely for cannabis eradication.

The actual wording from the Dane County website for 2014 RES-351 states: “The primary goal of the CEASE Program is to augment local law enforcement efforts in locating indoor and outdoor marijuana grow operations and arrest those responsible. The CEASE Program also provides support for the eradication of noncultivated, wild marijuana.”

Note there is no mention of heroin or other drugs.

The county board showed both forward thinking and respect for its constituents in voting to turn down these funds. As Pommer noted, 65 percent of Dane County voters supported an advisory referendum on legalizing cannabis. In November 2010, 75.49 percent of Dane County voters supported an earlier advisory referendum on legalizing medical cannabis.

Pommer owes readers a retraction.



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