Gazette photographers' favorite photos of 2014

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gazette photographers shoot thousands of photographs in a year's time.

Some are drudgery; others are a delight.

Some become favorites that they'll never forget.

Here are some photos our photographers chose as their favorites from 2014:


Bill Olmsted

Badger fans watching a University of Wisconsin basketball game against Kentucky at Legends in downtown Janesville on April 6 react to the dire situation. "It's not often that you can capture the emotion of an entire state," Olmsted writes. "The faces of these Badger fans was probably echoed around the state as a dream came to a dramatic but painful end. I felt a little guilty when I was later informed that the image had won an award from the Associated Press. But only a little."

Spring officially arrived in southwest Wisconsin on the morning of March 20, and with it, subtle signs or the season's change appeared. "After a winter that was well to the harsh end of the scale, this springtime reminder that better days are coming was particularly welcome," Olmsted writes. "As a gardener too, I was heartened by the chance to kneel in the dirt and see this welcome sign of life."

Jake Wisniewski reacts to his birdie putt to win The Ray Fischer Tournament on June 29, lipping out of the 18th hole. Wisniewski of Sussex ended up winning in a playoff. "Golf can be tough to shoot because it's often less about action and more about reaction," Olmsted writes. "As a golfer, I can easily understand the emotion behind this face. Golf is like life they say, and despite falling down, Wisniewski got back up and won on the next hole. Lesson learned."


Dan Lassiter

A maple leaf mingles with raindrops reflecting a tree above in the 1500 block of St. Lawrence Avenue in Janesville on Oct. 23. "While feature hunting on a rainy fall day, I thought I'd try to make a photo shooting straight up through my sunroof," Lassiter writes. "I tried several locations in town including Oak Hill Cemetery, parking under bright colored trees and shooting tree images focused inside multiple raindrops. While driving near Craig High School, I noticed a nice yellow tree across the street from me, but before I looped around underneath the tree, a bright red leaf from a tree I was under fell on the glass. I shot the rain making patterns around the leaf for about 30 minutes before I found the unusual combination of leaf, raindrops and yellow tree captured inside the raindrops."

Kadee Mae glides through the snow at the Janesville Youth Sports Complex on custom made skis attached to her cart. The 10-year-old border collie had a spinal problem that left her rear legs paralyzed. "This is a simple photo that just feels good," Lassiter writes. "A low camera angle shows her in action nicely."

Homeless friends Bernie Baldwin, left, and John Panos try to stay dry under an awning in downtown Janesville during a rainy afternoon July 2. "Sometimes it's all about luck and timing," Lassiter writes. "For a Neil Johnson assignment about two homeless men, I met them downtown, where they were sitting on a bench in front of a closed bar. They were just trying to stay dry in the rain. Seconds after I arrived and met them, a group of nicely dressed business men happened to walk by. The image showed a nice contrast between the haves and the have nots."

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