Nonprofits offer their Christmas wish lists

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Catherine W. Idzerda
December 5, 2014

JANESVILLE—Nonprofits do the jobs we'd do if we had the time, the energy or the skills.

Who doesn't want to provide a place for kids to go after school, preserve a community's history, or help people out of homelessness?

Even if we had the skills, most of us would be overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the need.

Nonprofits take on those challenges for us, diligently chipping away at entrenched problems.

They also make communities better places. The Janesville Performing Arts Center, the Whitewater Aquatic Center, the Rock County Historical Society and CAMDEN Playground provide entertainment, interest and a chance to connect with other people.

Nonprofits often provide economic benefits, too.

For example, a Delavan organization is working to bring a group of mural painters known as The Walldogs to its city.

With all that in mind, The Gazette is once again running its nonprofit wish list. It's a chance for people without the time, energy or skills to contribute to organizations that do.

While organizations always welcome monetary donations, people can help in other ways.

The volunteers bringing The Walldogs to Delavan need the loan of extension ladders, scissor lifts and scaffolding, for example.

Anderson's Home for Horses, Walworth, and Spirit Horse Equine Rescue, Janesville, both need hay.

The YWCA could use new towel sets, the Pregnancy Helpline needs infant toiletries, and Community Action wants hats, mittens and a volunteer to plow snow at the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter.

Nonprofits that can continue sign up through the holiday season at gazetteextra.com/forms/nonprofitform.html.

Nonprofits with wishes include:

Rockin' Kids Christmas, 1121 Monterey Lane, Janesville: The organization provides underprivileged children in Rock County with Christmas gifts. The names of the children come from social service organizations.

-- Wish list: Wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape, gift certificates, all sizes of pajamas, new toys and games.

-- Contact information: 608-352-7575, cindi@rockinkidschristmas.org, www.rockinkidschristmas.org

Janesville Performing Arts Center, 408 S. Main St., Janesville: The organization hosts more than 100 public and private events each year. Community organizations present the majority of the shows.

-- Wish list: Mini refrigerator, clothes steamer, projector that would connect to a laptop computer and copy paper.

-- Contact information: 608-758-0297, kari@janesvillepac.org, www.janesvillepac.org.

Rock County LGBT OutReach, 1909 W. Highland Ave., Janesville. The organization offers programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

-- Wish list: Paper plates, cups, napkins, eating utensils and Wal-Mart gift cards.

-- Contact information: 608-255-8582, orock@lgbtoutreach.org, http://lgbtoutreach.org

Holly's Kids, 800 Wisconsin Ave., Beloit: The organization has a clothing and supply closet set up at Beloit Memorial High School for unaccompanied homeless students to obtain basic needs.

-- Wish list: Deodorant, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, combs, laundry pods, city bus tokens, new socks and underwear of all sizes. Gently used or new snow pants, coats and boots.

-- Contact information: 815-742-1518, Hollyf116@msn.com.

The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin, 222 S. Arch St., Janesville: The organization provides adoptions of altered and vaccinated pets, and helps lost pets find their homes.

-- Wish list: Pate-style kitten food, soft dog treats, wild birdseed and kitten milk replacer.

-- Contact information: 608-7525-622, rachel@petsgohome.org, www.petsgohome.org

Dutter House, 1981 Luety Parkway, Beloit: The organization provides respite care to families who have a child with disabilities.

-- Wish list: Diaper wipes, latex gloves, juice, Clorox wipes, wet Swiffer wipes.

-- Contact information: 608-289-7566, Rdutter@charter.net, search for The Dutter House on facebook.com.

CAMDEN Accessible Playground, 8441 W. Mineral Point Road, Janesville: The organization provides maintenance, upkeep and fundraising for the accessible playground at Palmer Park, Janesville.

-- Wish list: Stamps.

-- Contact information: 608-876-6537, nightangel20@hotmail.com, camdenplayground.tripod.com/MAINPAGE/index.html.

Rock Communities Youth Network, 205 N. Main St., Janesville: The organization serves youth ages 13 to 17 who are experiencing difficulties at home, at school or in the community.

-- Wish list: Copy paper, manila file folders, postage stamps, HP920 Canon Pixma 210, No. 10 security print envelopes.

-- Contact information: 608-756-0815, rc.youth.network@gmail.com, www.rcyouthnetwork.org.

Rock County Historical Society, 426 N. Jackson St., Janesville. The organization provides tours, exhibits and online content about Rock County history.

-- Wish list: New gas oven, freezer chest, storage tubs/containers for Christmas decorations, shovels for snow removal and salt and sand for walkways.

-- Contact information: 608-756-4509, operationsrchs@gmail.com, rchs.us.

Caritas, 2840 Prairie Ave., Beloit: The organization provides groceries, clothing, pet food, personal care products and diapers to people† in need.

-- Wish list: Brown paper grocery bags, reusable cloth bags, Sharpies, stamps, 1-gallon Ziploc bags, white kitchen trash bags and hanging file folders.

-- Contact information: 608-362-4403, dma-caritas@att.net.

Janesville Farmers Market, Janesville: The organization provides weekly farmers market every Saturday from May through October.

Wish list: 50-foot outdoor extension cords, 10-by-10 shade tent, heavy duty rolling cart, Rubbermaid tubs or storage boxes with lids.

-- Contact information: 608-289-9292, manager@janesvillefarmersmarket.com, or janesvillefarmersmarket.com.

Goshen Children's Home, 2911 Carrousel Lane, Janesville: The organization provides a safe and stable living environment for our residents.

†-- Wish list: Offi teenager chairs, puzzles and board games, towels and washcloths for kitchen and bath, bikes to fit 7- to 14-year-olds, Wii games.

-- Contact information: 608-758-0570, Goshenchildrenshome@yahoo.com, facebook.com/goshenchildrenshome.

UW-Whitewater DREAM Scholars & Colleagues, 800 W. Main St., Whitewater: The organization provides scholarships for immigrant children who have lived in the United States all their lives.

-- Wish list: Printer paper, loose-leaf paper, envelopes, notepads, stamps, pens, folders, binders, pencils, scissors, paint and white cheap bedsheets to make banners.

-- Contact information: 262-473-9816,† dsc@uww.edu, search for Dream†Scholars†and†Colleagues on facebook.com.

The Literacy Connection, 20 S. Main St., Janesville: The organization offers adult education in English as a second language, math, computers, GED preparation and citizenship training.

-- Wish list: Professional pocket folders, a professional brochure holder stand, white trim paint, Staples gift cards.

-- Contact information: 608-756-3125, office@theliteracyconnection.com, theliteracyconnection.com.

Anderson Homes for Horses, 1163 Six Corners Road, Walworth: The organization finds safe, loving homes for horses.

-- Wish list: Skid loader, rubber mats, large and small bales of hay, senior feed, beet pulp, supplements and blankets.

-- Contact information: 262-581-8107, dejaku44@yahoo.com, facebook.com/AndersonHomesForHorses

House of Mercy Homeless Center, 320 Lincoln St., Janesville: The organization provides case management, transportation assistance and housing for homeless people.

-- Wish list: 30-gallon garbage bags, shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper.

-- Contact information: 608-754-0045, eloveland@mhsjvl.org, gazettextra.com/houseofmercy

ECHO, 65 S High St., Janesville: The organization assists low income people with food, housing, transportation, and other emergency needs.

-- Wish list: Toys for Christmas toy distribution, Shop Vac, laminator, and $20 gas cards.

-- Contact information: 608-754-5333, office@echojanesville.org, echojanesville.org.

Weave. Hope, 4200 E. Avalon Road, Janesville: The organization promotes sustainable economic and educational advancement for the Mayan village of Santa Catarina Palopů, Guatemala. The organization helps run a library that serves a variety of functions in the community.

-- Wish list: Books in Spanish, especially children's fiction and non-fiction; toys and games for the children's corner of the library.

-- Contact information: 608-756-0976, rinconcon@hotmail.com, facebook.com/weavehopeinc

Pregnancy Helpline, 21 S. Jackson Street, Janesville: The organization has classes and counseling for pregnant women and new parents.

--Wish list: Infant toiletries such as baby wash, shampoo and diaper rash cream; formula and bottles, diapers and wipes, cribs and car seats.

-- Contact information: 608-755-9739, onlinehelp@pregnancy-helpline.net, pregnancy-helpline.net.

Community Action of Rock and Walworth Counties, 20 Eclipse Center, Beloit: The organization has more than 40 programs in areas such as employment and training, housing and energy, early learning and health care.

-- Wish list: Hats and mittens, gift cards to Wal-Mart or Target, gas cards for participants to travel to job interviews, a snow plowing volunteer for Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless, personal hygiene items for participants.

-- Contact information: 608-313-1300, info@community-action.org, community-action.org.

YWCA Rock County, 1735 S. Washington St., Janesville: The organization provides a 24-hour helpline, an emergency shelter, transitional housing† and advocacy for domestic violence victims.

It also has a child advocacy center and provides outreach to immigrants and runs a racial justice program.

-- Wish list: New bath towel sets, new sheets; gift cards for gas, groceries, Target and Wal-Mart, adult and children's bilingual books, coloring books and crayons, resume paper

-- Contact information: 608-752-5445, development@ywcarockco.com, ywcarockcounty.org

Janesville Community Day Care Center, 3103 Ruger Ave., Janesville: The organization provides day care and appropriate programs for children aged 4 weeks to 9 years.

-- Wish list: Copy paper, washable markers, crayons, Kleenex, colored construction paper, glue, tissue paper, washable paint, wipes.

-- Contact information: 608-752-8035, tmarshall@janesvilledaycare.org, janesvilledaycare.org

Agrace, 2901 N Wright Rd, Janesville: The organization provides inpatient and in-home hospice and palliative care.

-- Wish list: Teddy Bears larger than 10 inches tall. For health and safety reasons, the bears also must be new, with store tags still attached.

-- Contact information: 608-327-7103, andy.boryczka@agrace.org, agrace.org.

Oakhill Christian School, 1650 Oakhill Ave., Janesville: The organization is a K-12 Christian school.

--Wish list: Stamps, colored copy paper, industrial vacuum cleaners, No. 10 security envelopes, red pens, safety glasses, pencil erasers, used digital cameras, Legos, puzzles, Post-it flags, adult scissors and AA batteries.†††††††††††

--Contact: 608-754-2759, office@ocsroyals.org,† www.ocsroyals.org

J-Hawk Aquatic Club, 430 Assembly Court, Whitewater: The organization offers youth swim lessons and a youth swim team. †The organization has a scholarship program for families in need, so any kind of financial assistance is welcome.†

--Wish list: Goggles, swim caps, kick boards, snorkels and swim noodles.

--Contact information: 608-449-5150, j_hawkswim@charter.net,www.j-hawks.org

Family Respite Care Services, 250 Garden Lane, Beloit: The organization provides respite nights, an on-line respite registry and other support for families.

--Wish list: Computer paper, laminator with sheets, print cartridges for Brother LC51, postage stamps, envelopes, thank you cards, electronic game systems or games, iTunes gift cards, kick balls, footballs, basketballs, $10 gas cards and nonperishable snack items.

--Contact information: 608-758-0956, family.respite@sbcglobal.net, www.rockcountyrespite.org.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Rock, Walworth and Jefferson Counties, 1239 Huebbe Parkway, Beloit: The organization provides mentors to area youth who face a variety of challenges.

--Wish List: Copy paper, legal pads, sticky notes, manila envelopes, letter-sized file folders, stamps, a paper cutter, mini refrigerator, new games, crayons and coloring books for elementary-school kids.† The organization also is looking for people to be Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

--Contact information: 608-362-8223, mwittman@bbbs4kids.org, www.bbbs4kids.org.††††††

YMCA of Northern Rock County, 221 Dodge St., Janesville: The organization serves local youth and their families.

--Wish list: Construction paper, coloring books, glue sticks, board games and hand sanitizer.

--Contact information: 608-754-9622, marketing@ymcajanesville.org, www.ymcajanesville.org.

KANDU, 1741 Adel St., Janesville: The organization provides opportunities for adults with disabilities.†

--Wish list: Craft materials, paper, stickers, office supply and craft store gift cards, simple adult board games, golf umbrella, cooler on wheels, cake mix, tote bags, 100-piece puzzles, large print books and bus tokens for the Janesville Transit System.

--Contact information: 608-755-4123, lrondon@kanduindustries.com.

Project 16:49, 740 N. Randall Ave., Janesville: The organization serves unaccompanied homeless youth ages 12 to 20.

--Wish list: Razors and shaving cream, TracFones, gallon and quart Ziploc bags, ear buds, household cleaning supplies, cosmetics and personal care products.

--Contact information: 608-314-5501, www.project1649.org, or on its Facebook page, http://on.fb.me/1zd2M5Y.

Mercy Autism Program, 1000 Mineral Point Ave., Janesville: The organization provides treatment and support for people with autism and their families.

--Wish list: Craft supplies such as markers, crayons, construction paper and glue, games for all ages, big canvas bags, lock boxes and three-code locks, iPads, iTunes gift cards, and weighted lap pads.

Contact information: 608-755-4714, https://www.facebook.com/mercyautism, http://www.mercyhealthsystem.org/Autism

Mercy Hospice and Home Health, 1000 Mineral Point Ave., Janesville: The organization provides hospice and home health services.

Wish list: Gift cards for grocery stores or pharmacies; punch cards for Rock County Specialized Transit services; Christmas decorations, trees and stockings; and children’s toys.

Contact information: 608-754-2201, http://www.mercyassistedcare.org/hospice_care/what_is_hospice.html.

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