Mother convicted in drowning death of twins gave birth to another set of twins before being sent to prison

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Andrea Anderson
Friday, October 10, 2014

ELKHORN—The East Troy mother convicted of child neglect in the 2011 drowning deaths of her twins gave birth to another set of twins in the months before her probation on the child neglect case was revoked and she was sent to prison, according to court documents.

Melody Butt was sentenced in August 2012 to one year in jail and 14 years probation on a charge of child neglect causing death. Her twins drowned in the bathtub while she slept Sept. 22, 2011, according to court documents.

After serving her jail term, Butt was arrested in January on four drug-related misdemeanor charges.

Butt gave birth to another set of twins April 23, according to a state Division of Hearings and Appeals revocation order.

An administrative law judge on Sept. 9 revoked Butt's probation and ordered her to spend the next 10 years in prison. She has been in prison since Sept. 25, according to Joy Staab, state Department of Corrections spokeswoman.

It was not clear from the revocation order where the latest set of twins will be while Butt is in prison.

Butt appeared Friday in Walworth County Court on the January drug charges. The case was postponed to Tuesday.

Butt, now 28, is charged with illegally obtaining a prescription drug, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing an officer.

Butt's probation was revoked in September by Martha Carlson, administrative law judge with the state Division of Hearings and Appeals. In an August letter, Carlson wrote Butt:

-- Was in possession of Vicodin without a prescription from November 2013 to January 2014.

-- Took Vicodin not prescribed to her from Jan. 31, 2014, to April 21, 2014.

-- Was in the possession of Adderall without a prescription from Jan. 31, 2014, to April 21, 2014.

-- Took Vicodin not prescribed to her from Jan. 31, 2014, to April 21, 2014.

-- Failed to see a physician or seek medical treatment prior to giving birth to the twins.

-- Failed to notify Walworth County Child Protective Services of her pregnancy.

-- Took Adderall and Vicodin while pregnant.

Police on Jan. 19 reported finding marijuana, ground up Vicodin and muscle relaxants Butt did not have a prescription for in Butt's purse after finding her vehicle off the road, according to a criminal complaint.

“It would unduly depreciate the seriousness of the proven violations if Ms. Butt's supervision was not revoked,” Carlson wrote.

“Confinement is therefore necessary to protect the public from further criminal activity by Ms. Butt,” she wrote.

Butt will appear in court next at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday at the Walworth County Judicial Center.

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