Bob the concrete dinosaur is back after being stolen in June

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Frank Schultz
Saturday, September 20, 2014

JANESVILLE—Bob the dinosaur has returned home.

The concrete creature that Alfred Fetting made to decorate his yard went missing June 17.

A man called him recently and said the dinosaur had been in the man's backyard all this time.

The man—who asked to remain anonymous—said some friends of his 17-year-old daughter took it “to please her, or whatever,” Fetting said Saturday.

Fetting had no way of picking it up, and the man had no way of delivering it, so Fetting was arranging for a truck and people to lift it.

Fetting estimated the 6-foot-long ornament weighs 250 pounds.

Before Fetting could fetch it, some people delivered it to the terrace in front of his house on Janesville's east side on Thursday night, Fetting said. They didn't identify themselves.

Neighborhood children, who had dubbed the dinosaur “Bob,” saw it being dropped off, Fetting said.

Fetting had put up a sign offering at $100 reward for the return of the dinosaur, so he felt obligated to offer a check to the man.

“It didn't seem like he was out for reward, but I personally handed him the check, and he didn't protest too much,” Fetting said.

Fetting is a retired mason who has lived in the house on Liberty Lane for 59 years with his wife, Ingrid. He has made a number of creatures out of metal lathe and concrete, but Bob stands out for his toothy grin.

Bob, who appears to be a relative of the Stegosaurus, lost a tooth and one of his distinctive dorsal plates during his journeys.

“He survived,” Fetting said. “I hope he's going to survive as long as possible.”

Fetting told The Gazette in July that it would be a miracle if the ornament were returned. Now, Fetting said he wants to put the episode behind him.


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