Your Views: Gov. Scott Walker's reforms bearing fruit in job growth figures

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mary Burke's campaign for governor claims Wisconsin is dead last in Midwest job growth but uses out-of-date numbers. I don't blame her for not wanting to talk about job growth in Wisconsin in the last seven months. Gov. Walker's reforms are beginning to bear fruit, resulting in job growth.

The Illinois Policy Institute issued a new report that focuses on the lack of job growth in Illinois. A map in this report uses Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers to document job growth around the country in the last seven months.

Wisconsin's job growth is not last in the Midwest. In fact, Wisconsin's 11,000 jobs in 2014 rank higher than Illinois (-5,900 jobs), Nebraska (900 jobs), Minnesota (1,300 jobs), South Dakota (2,600), and Iowa (3,300 jobs).

Burke ignores the latest numbers, which show Wisconsin gained more jobs in 2014 than these five states combined. The negative Illinois numbers make it a landslide. The reforms Walker and Republicans put into place are working, and our economy is beginning to take off.

Wisconsin's economic comeback is showing progress after the dismal “leadership” of Doyle/Burke. About 20,000 new businesses have opened in Wisconsin since Walker's reforms were implemented, and about 7 percent of the manufacturing jobs lost under Doyle/Burke have been recovered in Wisconsin. Why would anyone want to turn back the clock to those days of $3.6 billion deficits, job losses with 9.2 percent unemployment and yearly tax increases that funded more wasteful spending?



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