Your Views: Do UW-Whitewater dorms need to be that luxurious?

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

State Rep. Andy Jorgensen claims UW-Whitwater’s dorm construction was put on hold (Page 10A Saturday). But Stephanie Marquis of the state Department of Administration disagrees and says the state is being cautious about what money it spends after Gov. Walker asked the department to reduce spending by $250 million.

Hurrah! These new dorms are luxury pads costing roughly $70,000 each. My granddaughter and I stayed in one of the new dorms last year for grandparent-granddaughter days. We had two bedrooms, a full kitchen with living area, and our own bathroom.

I mentioned to the maintenance man how deluxe the rooms were. He said after the students are there for a few weeks, the exit lights need replacing because the kids jump up and smash them. The sinks and toilets plug up. Relatives and friends come in to party and sleep.

In other words, dorm rooms are not just rooms anymore. Someone needs to meet with the architects on this project.



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