Greg Peck: I'm ready for some (Packer) football

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Greg Peck
September 4, 2014

As that longtime NFL “Monday Night Football” theme song asks, “Are you ready for some football?” I'm among Packer fans who today are answering “yes.” Or maybe with an emphatic “hell, yes!”

After that Badger football team stumbled miserably in the second half last weekend against LSU, and with the Milwaukee Brewers suffering a complete meltdown, what Wisconsin sports fan isn't ready for the Packers to start playing for real?

In today's Gazette, a handful of Packer fans made their predictions. So here are two from me: Green Bay will lose tonight in Seattle. But if they can avoid the injury bug, the Packers will challenge for another Super Bowl title.

I could be wrong on both counts. Here, however, is my reasoning. Green Bay's defense is fairly green and playing a new scheme. It might take time to perform optimally. Given the tough place to open the season—tonight in Seattle against the defending Super Bowl champs—it's tough to expect victory, even though Green Bay could prevail.

Put Aaron Rodgers and Eddy Lacy together behind that strong line and add a solid receiving corps from top to bottom, and you have the makings for one terrific offense. Green Bay needs to keep those key offensive players on the field all year. Then add Julius Peppers on defense and likewise enjoy good health from playmakers such as Clay Matthews and Casey Hayward, and that defense could be much improved by season's end.

As Packer fans have seen repeatedly since that Super Bowl victory in 2011 against Pittsburgh, it's not how you start the season but how you finish it.

Go, Pack, go!

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