Sound Off for Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On gubernatorial race: The 1 percenter Mary Burke is receiving out-of-state money from Democracy for America, Howard Dean’s super PAC. How does that sit with her union company, Trek? Oh that’s right, Trek isn’t union, and China doesn’t have unions.

-- Gov. Walker will not make a decision on whether a tribe gets his go-ahead on another casino until he sees which tribe donates the most money to his re-election.

-- Regarding Page 2A Tuesday, Obama sure is generous with other people’s money. Surprisingly, I don’t see pictures of Mary Burke and him on stage at Milwaukee’s Laborfest. She is locked in a dead heat for governor with Walker. Wouldn’t you think she would want to be seen with the great Obama after all the wonderful things he’s done for our country?

On downtown street: When does the city plan to open the 200 block of Linn Street to permanent traffic? Young males and cars prevent the public from using the street quite often after 5 p.m. Also, why are there so many whiskey and beer bottles in the trees on the same block? I thought the city dump was on Black Bridge Road.

On city poverty: Did Douglas Marklein and the rest of the city council read the paper? Five schools to give free meals, and 60 percent of students live in low-income homes. Their parents can’t pay taxes for a new fire station. If you believe people move to a town because of a new fire station and bus garage, you’re probably not smart enough to be on the council.

On Wilson award: I congratulate the Wilson Community Learning Center Kindergarten Club for winning the Channel 27 local Jefferson Award for its donation to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin and Friends of Noah this past year. Congratulations, Wilson.

On Congressman Ryan: If you make less than $185,000 a year, you shouldn’t even be considering voting for Paul Ryan.

On good employees: Congratulations, Terry Gerber at The Gazette (award, Page 2A, Aug. 22). You are the friendliest and finest. Also congratulations to Milton if it is lucky enough to hire Al Hulick. He’s the friendliest, hardest-working and honest, caring man at City Hall.

On voter ID: I don’t see anything in your paper about the guy who was charged 13 times in one election. That wouldn’t fit the narrative that we don’t need voter ID.

On CARD and Briarmoon: When The Gazette knows that CARD, Citizen Association for Rights and Dignity, has no stand on government-issued marriage licensing practices, why would it print the Aug. 30 letter to the editor with that misunderstanding?

-- K. Andreah Briarmoon must be quite a woman. They just keep picking on her.

On city pools: They should take some kind of referendum or whatever to have pools open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Kids are mostly out of school by June 1. I drive by today and find out they closed pools Aug. 24. Why wouldn’t you leave them open until Labor Day? As a property taxpayer, I think it makes sense.

On Studer Program: Superintendent Karen Schulte is quoted in the Aug. 31 Gazette as not knowing how much the program cost. As the leader claiming to run the district based on metrics, shouldn’t she know? Isn’t the board concerned about cost and metrics? After all, board member Bill Sodemann said performance should be based on numbers.

On wolves: Please save Wisconsin wolves (Page 8B, Sunday). They are so beautiful.

On militarized police: In regards to Saturday’s Page 1A article, you don’t want someone to bring a knife to a gunfight. Even if police were too militarized, there are safety concerns of respectable people who don’t break the law. Whatever police need or have to do to keep crowd control, they should do and not worry if they look too much militarized.

On downtown: A caller in Sunday’s Sound Off mentioned downtown looking shabby and asked how to straighten it out. I suggest talking to Mr. Garcia. He has a plan that’s going to cost money—evidently a federal or state grant, but it’s still our money—to create a river walk. The river is good for certain kinds of fishing, but it’s still the Rock River. It’s smelly and buggy.

On good Samaritan: I was at Farm & Fleet, and as I came out, I lost my balance and fell. I just barely hit the ground, and three people came running. They helped me up and got me in my car. I don’t who they were, but I hope they read this, and I want to thank them very much for all the help they gave me.

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