Local fans predict strong Packer season

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Jake Magee
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

JANESVILLE—The Green Bay Packers start their NFL season Thursday by taking on last year's Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks.

Here's what local Packer fans contacted by The Gazette had to say about the green-and-gold's chances this year.

Q: How will the Packers do against the Seahawks for their opening game?

Joe Kuhar, Janesville: They don't have to win this game to make it to the Super Bowl. They do have to show up, though. If they lose, it has to be by a touchdown or less. Winning this game would go a long way.

Bob Jackson, Janesville: It's going to be a tough one, but we'll win.

Pattie Meyer, Janesville: That will be a very tough match since it is in Seattle and we've already lost B.J. Raji. Primetime is Packers time—I think we can rise to the occasion.

Felicia Kohen, Janesville: I'm a Packer fan, so of course I think they're going to win against Seattle.

Barb Shull, Clinton: I think they're going to do very good. I think the new defense is motivated.

Mike Saxer, Janesville: That's one of my games where I worry about. I think their defense is gonna be a lot better than it was last year, so here's hoping we win.

Mark Madson, Clinton: Obviously it's going to be pretty tough, but we are going to win. Rogers is really hot. He's on his game right now.

Steve Jackson, Newville: I'm thinking that we'll squeak by with the win.

Q: How far will the Packers go this season?

Kuhar: Without a doubt the Packers will be in the playoffs. Staying healthy is a must for any team.

Jackson: All the way. We'll make it to the Super Bowl and win.

Meyer: As every Packers fan would say, as long as we don't have too many major injuries to our starters, I see us in the NFC Championship game and, depending on the opponent there, the Super Bowl.

Kohen: I completely plan on them winning the Super Bowl.

Shull: I think they're going to be in the playoffs. I am hoping for the Super Bowl.

Saxer: They'll go through the NFC Championships into the Super Bowl and win against the Broncos.

Madson: Realistically, they should make it through the playoffs. I'm really hoping for the Super Bowl.

Jackson: It's kind of hard to say at the beginning of the season, but I'm pretty positive we'll at least make it to the playoffs.

Q: What will the Packers' record be this season and why?

Kuhar: The Packer record for the regular season will be 12-4 because they are better than the Jets, the Bears, the Vikings, the Dolphins, the Cougars, the Falcons, the Bills, the Buccaneers and the Lions.

Jackson: They'll have two losses, and that's it. It's not going to be a record that they're going to be undefeated—although it's possible that they can do that, but I'm just being more realistic.

Meyer: Their record will be 12-4. You always have a few losses here and there, and it's better to have them during the season because in the playoffs you're done!

Kohen: I know they'll lose a few games, but I'm a Packer fan forever. I would never root against them or tell people they're going to lose. When you believe in a team, you have faith that they will win.

Shull: I'm going to go 11-5. I think there's a few teams out there they're not going to do too well against, but overall I think they're going to be on a winning streak.

Saxer: I think they'll go 13-3, maybe 14-2 if they win against the Seahawks.

Madson: It's a tough season, so 11-5. We've got to work on the defense. The defense is really important.

Jackson: I have a good feeling we'll go 12-4.

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