Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

On start of school: I hope administrators don’t try to justify their jobs by taking up teacher preparation time with meetings. This happens a lot. Teachers need this time. They are the ones who have the contact with students.

-- The Janesville School District had an outstanding opening ceremony for employees. It opened with the Rock School House Band, advertising the event in January. It recognized longtime employees. It was a great opportunity to see the great things happening in the district. To top it off, administrators took the Ice Bucket Challenge and raised $1,100 for ALS.

-- This is in regards to the article on 3A Wednesday about the district placing five Chinese students. Is that all? For the thousands of dollars spent to send teachers over there, five doesn’t seem very many. Kudos to Kevin Murray for digging deeper into this. It seems the money would be better spent helping Janesville students.

On Paul Ryan: In response to last Sunday’s Sound Offs, I wonder if these people are better off today than seven years ago? Did they listen to Obama’s message? He’s doing what he said he would do. I commend Ryan and Mitt Romney for their honesty and concern for our country. Go back and listen to the debates. They understood our country.

On Scott Angus columns: Unfortunately, I wish you’d just retire him and his sappy columns.

On new transit center: It is a beautiful building, but for last Sunday’s Sound Off caller, who said 83 percent was paid for by state and federal dollars, who do you think state and federal dollars come from? We the people.

On John Doe: The media keep writing about the investigation as if Gov. Walker did something illegal or corrupt. He has not. They want you to believe it so you will think Walker is a crook and, more important, you won’t be so outraged about the millions of our tax dollars they wasted on this political witch hunt.

On dangerous intersection: The Palmer Drive and Mohawk intersect at Palmer Park is next to the trail that thousands of adults and children use. Branches on those trees need to be cut way back so drivers can see if there’s anybody coming. Some bikers and runners are going fast. Something horrific could happen.

On Blackhawk busing: Referring to Page 3A Aug. 15, taxpayers already pay a majority of costs for adult students to attend Blackhawk Tech. Now there is a free shuttle to take students to different campuses? Come on, these are adults who should provide their own transportation, not grade school kids.

On education: A Sound Off caller Wednesday claimed deep cuts to public education. The only cuts have been to teacher and other public employee compensation. The actual amount of money going into classrooms has increased in most cases.

On McCoy petitions: Billy McCoy should continue and fight this battle. Anything over $2 million should go to referendum. Shame on the city attorney and our council; they need to listen to people. They say it’s a little raise for water, a little raise for trash pickup, but a lot of people cannot afford this. The proposed fire station is way over cost.

On downtown party: The music event last Sunday was so much fun. The music and food were awesome. Kudos to Barry Badertscher; thumbs down to local bar owners and businesses who left bushes untrimmed, flowers unplanted or unwatered and cigarette butts laying around from the night before. The downtown looks unkempt. What can we do?

On Islamic terrorists: All this has to stop, and if it takes an all-out onslaught like we did in WWII, then we need to do that.

-- For those old enough, you may remember the game King of the Hill. The object was to depose the king. In addition to ISIS and other terrorists, how many countries have designs on toppling King USA? Do we have the necessary leadership to ensure it doesn’t happen? Vote with care.

On voter ID: Thursday’s Guest Views on Page 4A says “Court should decline request to reinstate state’s voter ID law.” A Shorewood man faces 13 counts of voter fraud. It’s a miracle he was caught because no one is allowed to ask for an ID. Not only do we need voter ID, we need it badly. There’s no telling how many others out there have voted multiple times.

On student art: I’m calling about Page 5A Thursday, “Colorful menagerie.” Beautiful pictures. Thank you, Morgan Olson, Taylor Bikowski and Kayla Eldred. I’m going to place these in a special album. Hope you take courses toward your talent.

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