Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On McCoy's petitions: What hogwash from the city attorney. These are the voices of the citizens who have a right to be heard and considered. People are being steamrolled.

-- I want to encourage Mr. McCoy to continue his battle and this time perhaps learn the laws and whatever that Mr. Klimczyk is referring to in order to make this a legal petition. Then pursue his effort to put one in place that will limit the city's buying power without referendum. That was an excellent idea. That could curb future spending sprees.

-- Your editorial Sunday seems to say put up and shut up as far as the citizens of Janesville objecting to the new firehouse. I think that's wrong. Janesville residents have every right to petition for something to be shut down that they don't think we need.

On Congressman Ryan: It's almost Labor Day again, and I was just wondering if Mr. Anti-Labor, Paul Ryan, was going to show up for that, or is he too busy getting his picture taken for USA Today?

On public sector: First, Blackhawk Tech wanted a never-ending $4 million increase. Now the UW wants $95 million partially to offset the effects of the tuition freeze on faculty compensation and benefits. Janesville wants an extra $1.2 million annually for street repairs. It's all a sneaky way for the public sector to get more money.

On Ferguson: Protesters in Missouri say they are seeking the truth and justice. I'm sure we all hope the truth is uncovered. Does the protesters' version of justice include turning in looters and vandals in their community?

-- What happens in Ferguson if no charges (Page 5B, Saturday)? What happens is our racist attorney general will step in and railroad this police officer. His Justice Department—or should I say Injustice Department—is set up to do just that. Most of the lawyers he has hired are far leftists with histories of going after the police.

On unions: The evidence that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer is clear. It started when Nixon opened relationships with China, allowing cheap labor into the American corporate world. It continued with Reagan's firing of the airline controllers. Unions made the middle class, and the middle class made the great America I remember.

On education: Little question that a number of governors have orchestrated deep public education cuts, but until and unless teacher tenure and union protection of poor teaching are dealt with, throwing more money at the problems will accomplish little.

On Scott Walker: On Page 5A Sunday, Walker claims he knew nothing about a $700,000 donation to Wisconsin Club to Growth. Now he's claiming another witch hunt. This governor is a master of witch hunts toward unions and with more to come if elected. I will be voting for Mary Burke.

-- Walker reminds me of a character in the play “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” He sure likes to do the sidestep. When are people going to finally wake up and see him for what he really is?

On Transit Services Center: I toured Janesville's new transit building during the open house. It's well planned, well thought out and well built. It is not extravagant. It provides basic needs for the staff to operate the system. JTS and city staff did a very good job.

On pit bulls: Regarding Sunday's Sound Off, I have a pit bull that has never bitten any living creature in nine years. It is gentle and friendly, and that's the way we raised him. Demonizing pit bulls and outlawing them is plain stupid. Almost any dog will bite.

On photo ID: In response to Sunday's Sound Off, so we shouldn't ask for an ID to vote because people will just get fake IDs. By that rationale, we shouldn't ask for one to buy liquor, a gun, or car or to write checks. People have a right to legitimate elections, and they have a right to know that their legitimate votes will not be canceled out by fraudulent votes.

On Beloit shootings: Regarding Sunday's article “Our city is crying,” yes, Beloit has been devastated by many shootings this summer. I feel it's a lot of isolated areas. Unfortunately, in today's world, we do have gang violence and drug trafficking. As a Beloit resident, I do not fear to go to Beloit activities. It is fantastic city, and the police do a great job.

On Leonard Pitts column: No, Leonard, it's not the political parties using the courts to do what they can't get done at the ballot box (Page 4A, Monday). It's the Democratic Party period. They've gone after Gov. Walker for things that aren't even illegal and now this ridiculous indictment of Texas Gov. Perry.

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