Your Views: True patriarchy is grounded in sacrifice, not tyranny

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's fashionable to revile the patriarchy that has held families and society together for generations as being “tyrannical.” But true patriarchy is grounded in sacrifice, not in tyranny. (Pay a visit to Salvador Dali's renowned wall-sized painting “Crucifixus” to receive an immediate and intense feeling for the true nature of patriarchy.)

Feminism, beneath a pretense alleging equality of the genders as its goal, has always intended to institute a truly tyrannical matriarchy. (Its stealthy intent may be discerned from the actions and tone of feminism, and its impending takeover of American society is obvious: Hillary Rodham Clinton.)

Whether the coming matriarchy will succeed or not remains to be seen, but the deceit used in paving the way for it is unacceptable, not the American way.



EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter has been updated to fix an editing error.

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