Your Views: Come November, remind those in office of their role

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Last month, we celebrated another July Fourth, a celebration of independence, freedom and the “American way.” The American flag was predominantly displayed in its colorful glory with borders “unfrayed” and firm. Unfortunately, the unresolved issues facing the current chapter in our history do not reflect the unfrayed borders of our flag.

Examples: Here at home, an unquestionable frayed and crumbling infrastructure. A frayed and inexcusable lack of leadership in resolving the nation’s immigration policy while our borders leak like sieves. A frayed institutional solution to an escalating mental health crisis. A regressive public education system that in total has placed our youth far down the ladder compared to a host of other developed countries. A frayed system that results in daily hunger for so many children in this “land of plenty.”

And, overriding all else, an impotent and totally frayed U.S. Congress authorizing unconscionable cuts to our military at a time when world turmoil and violent intent are directed in large part at the U.S. and “the American way.”

Solution in part: That in the approaching November elections and beyond, a majority of registered and “informed” voters, by their votes, remind those in Congress and all levels of government that their role in office is to serve the best interests of the country rather than their re-election goals. And that they stitch up in bipartisan fashion the fraying fabric of our nation.



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