Janesville police urge back to school safety

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Gazette staff
Monday, August 25, 2014

JANESVILLE — The Janesville Police Department urges motorists to use caution near schools as the Janesville School District prepares to begin classes Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Police warn that $30 parking tickets will be issued for:

-- Parking within 15 feet of an intersection or crosswalk.
-- Parking within four feet of a driveway.
-- Parking within five feet of a curbside mailbox.
-- Parking in bus loading zones.
-- Parking where the curb is painted yellow.
-- Parking if a sign designates no parking.
-- Unauthorized parking in school parking lots.
-- Driving into school parking lots to drop off or pick up children.

Janesville employs 18 adult crossing guards, who have the authority to stop traffic at marked school crossings, according to a written release from the Janesville Police Department. Failure to obey them could result in a $188 citation, according to the written release.

Schools use safety patrols to help students before and after school. They are organized and supervised by school officials, according to the release.

Janesville police urge motorists to be courteous and patient at cross walks.

”People have got to change their mindset as the kids go back to school,” Janesville Police Sgt. Brian Donohoue said. “They have to get back into the mode of slowing down in school zones.”

Donohoue said extra officers will be at school zones before and after school to ensure motorists are obeying all traffic laws.

“Parents have to be re-educated about where they can go and where they can't,” Donohoue said. “Motorists have to slow down for bikes and pedestrians.”

Other reminders from the police department are:

-- Speeding in 15 mph school zones when children are present may result in a traffic citation of up to $390.

-- A right turn on red light at an intersection posted with sign that indicates no right turn on red may result in a traffic citation of $188.

-- Failure to stop for a school bus could result in a traffic citation of $327.

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