Your Views: New Janesville Transit Services Center shows foresight

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Friday, August 22, 2014

I am a former Janesville resident and was at the dedication of the new Janesville Transit Services Center. My husband and I are both retired and saw tremendous public support for this facility.

This facility is another great example of forward looking by city officials that will provide the means of continued transportation support for future generations. Janesville has a proud history of looking to the future with many fine examples, such as the Nolan Plan of the 1920s that guided the development of Janesville.

We all are fortunate that we have forward-looking city leaders who have the foresight to provide quality transportation for those needing the service. Janesville residents should be very proud of this fine facility.

The citizens of Janesville should be very fortunate to have such a facility to serve residents for many, many years.



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