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Friday, August 22, 2014


On Billy McCoy's petitions: McCoy's fear mongering may prove to be the real poison tree. It will ultimately be up to the citizens of Janesville to speak out if they wish to halt this negative attitude toward the city.

-- New User

-- McCoy has the right to his opinions and lawful actions, just like everyone else. I fail to see where the definition of fear mongering, or the words of the poem, “A Poison Tree,” has any bearing on the conversation. This is local politics, nothing more, nothing less.

-- Crappie Man

-- I, too, support McCoy. It's all too easy to sit back and complain or commit civil disobedience like the carriage house woman. Bill has done everything right, and I salute him. The minimum that will come out of the petitions is that from this point forward the city will know they cannot do anything they want behind closed doors and not be called out on it.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- My opinion is that the vast majority of people signed the petition for three reasons: cost; the feeling that it is overkill; the feeling that it was done behind closed doors with no input or listening from the taxpayers. Not a complicated thing to comprehend or listen to by those thoughts.

-- hdonlybob

-- There is a constant drumbeat for a “return to democracy.” A convoluted explanation that we are a “democratic republic” has added to the confusion. The meaning of the phrase, “this is what democracy looks like” will come clear if the $2 million spending limit is imposed on the city council. It will be ugly.

-- Nick Danger

On new city transit center: Curb appeal...laughable.

-- hdonlybob

-- The ones calling it a Taj Mahal are probably the same ones who would complain it was an ugly building if it was built the way they wanted. Overall, it is a good-looking building and complements Arrow Park. Can't please everybody, but they did a good job in design and execution.

-- RetArmy

--I agree with RetArmy. The building looks attractive without going overboard. The inside looks like a typical garage. I don't see a problem. … If Janesville is going to insist that incoming businesses construct attractive buildings, we have to do the same.

-- sleeponit

-- Plenty of money ($8 million) to build the new Transit Services Center and this is how they treat the neighbors?

-- buyusa

On editorial about city's retirement policy: Raise your hand if you've ever had an employer give you more than two weeks notice. Or at least two weeks notice. Or a one-week notice.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- One-year notice? It just shows how delirious this group is.

-- buyusa

-- It's voluntary. And nonbinding. Everyone isn't expected to do it, but if some do it'll lessen the problems of multiple transitions.

-- NewerTestament


To Greg Peck: (On motorcycle crash): Wow, dude must be part cat. Seven to go, I hope!

-- Solo_Voce

-- I had a friend split a helmet in two during a crash, while suffering no injuries. I threw away a full-face helmet with a nice gouge dug into the side. It cost $200 to replace. Without the helmet, the surgery would have cost hundreds of times more, if I even survived. Here's a simple rule for helmets: if you don't have any brains to protect, don't bother wearing one.

-- Northman

-- (On “Wizard of Oz”) First time I saw the movie was at the Myers Theatre. Was doing just fine until those evil, mean monkeys showed up. Suddenly had to go to the lobby to get some candy. Then went back and enjoyed the rest of the film.

-- RetArmy

-- In those days, there weren't tapes or DVDs or on-demand capabilities, so the anticipation of the movie when it was scheduled for TV was huge. It was a major highlight of the year as a kid. We'd look for it in the TV guide and count the days!

-- Mr Glock 19 SK

-- Those ticked-off trees were pretty scary, too! Oh, yeah, it was a big event when the yearly showing rolled around, and it's still one of my favorite movies. Not many I watch more than once, and I've never watched any as many times as I have “The Wizard of Oz.” Hadn't heard of the anniversary and never knew it premiered in Wisconsin. Thanks for the trivia, Greg.

-- Solo_Voce

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