Your Views: Some Vietnam stories have yet to be told

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

There was an article about a Navy Vietnam veteran who was still fighting for what he earned and deserves. A veteran still fighting for benefits earned and deserved is not new. What is important is he is still asking the questions other veterans are thinking but are afraid to ask. What is also great is that it was printed.

Decades ago, political struggles buried the truth about the Vietnam War in a tangle of myths, half-truths and lies. The truth is still hard to find today. No matter which side of the argument you favor, the truth is not all that pretty, but the one constant was the faithful and capable service of the troops sent to fight. They never received the respect they deserved. Many kept their stories and service to themselves as they saw how others who had tried to educate were treated.

By refusing to see how well these troops had served their country, America lost a generation of heroes. The public still thinks things about the Vietnam War and its veterans that have never been true. In the future, you will be reading and listening to veterans telling their true stories. Some have never been told before. Others have been told before but edited. The story of Firebase Ripcord is one of those you do not want to miss.

All that is needed in order for evil to flourish is for good people to stand by and say nothing.



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