Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On police and radar: Regarding Page 1A Monday, how about running radar on Friday and Saturday nights on Milton Avenue by the mall? They drive crazy there. They’re doing the circuit that nobody wants to talk about.

-- Is the purpose of the story to browbeat police into harassing citizens for minor offenses? One of the things that makes Janesville a great place to live is that the police department focuses on criminals, not milking the public. The most dangerous drivers on the road are those who are texting, followed by drunken drivers, followed by reckless drivers.

On referendums: Page 3A Friday says, “Rock County Board approves referendums for Nov. 4 ballot.” We’re going to waste tax money and voters’ time with nonbinding referendums on lefty causes. Will the questions say “Do you support a $10 wage increase even though it will cost tens of thousands of jobs?” Or “Do you support taking BadgerCare money even though Wisconsin taxpayers ultimately will be on the hook?” No, they won’t.

On Blackhawk Tech: The president of Blackhawk Tech said that since the referendum didn’t pass in their favor, they’re going to have to try and make do with what they have. Well, I’d like to welcome him to the real world. Most people, that’s the way they live. They don’t have an open checkbook and spend unnecessarily for items they wish for.

On editorial: K. Andreah Briarmoon might get a little carried away, but to criticize her like that and not put your name at the bottom of the editorial, you’re a bunch of cowards. I’m not a friend of Briarmoon, but she should have been able to fight for her carriage barn, and she’s a lot smarter than a lot of those council members.

On General Motors: GM once again made the list of companies that paid nothing in federal corporate taxes in the second quarter. Not to worry; the rest of us will just have to pitch in and take up the slack. General Motors, you are one big slacker.

On North River Road: There’s some property that had all kinds of beautiful trees, and people are just dropping trees right and left and dumping them into the river. I would like to see if the DNR could go and check that out. I think this is wrong because they are disturbing the fish habitat.

On city ordinances: A neighbor was recently cited for violating an ordinance. There must be hundreds of ordinances on the books. Is there any way for citizens to learn which ordinances are enforced, which are ignored and which are only selectively enforced?

On needless stoplight: Concerning the intersection with the meaningless stoplight, which a Sound Off caller last Wednesday confused as being at South Main Street and State Street, I’m almost sure the person meant it’s on Beloit Avenue at State Street.

On Interstate plan: Regarding Page 1A Sunday, I believe in the past Waukesha County had the highest average income and Rock held second place. I would like to see what we contributed in taxes to the state since 1990 and whether we received our fair share for road and infrastructure construction. We need to have this to get our industry base back.

-- Worse than roundabouts, the plan for rebuilding Milton Avenue (Page 10A, Thursday) at its intersection with Interstate 90/39 calls for us twice crossing traffic lanes. We’ll be facing oncoming headlights and have two new sets of traffic lights.

On gubernatorial race: I usually vote for a Democrat, but Gov. Walker has my vote in November. He has saved us lots of money by keeping the unions from dipping into the incomes of non-union people.

On Mike Sheridan: I think he ran a wonderful race. I don’t think he dug a hole in his political run (Sound Off, Sunday). He just had a bad experience, and people can’t get beyond that. He’s a good person, and he would do very good things for Rock County. I hope people still realize that. I think what someone does in the past should not affect their future forever.

On Ferguson: Regarding Leonard Pitts’ column Monday, “Police arrest reporters for doing their jobs,” local reports are that McDonald’s management called police and asked them to remove the reporters, who had been sitting in their restaurant for hours without spending money. News flash: When police tell you to go, you have to go. You’re not above the law.

On recipes: I saw in the Aug. 10 paper the local recipe section will come to an end if we don’t send more in. This is unfortunate. It and Sound Off are the best articles in The Gazette. Come on, cooks, submit those recipes, please.


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