“Double Yellow Lines" movie being filmed locally

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Andrea Anderson
Wednesday, August 20, 2014

JANESVILLE—Actors and a film crew will be traveling Rock and Walworth counties for about another week filming a 90-minute psychological thriller.

The film, “Double Yellow Lines,” is being produced by Mark Myers of Citizen Skull Productions based in Los Angeles.

He and director Maria Pulera of Janesville are working with actors from Chicago and Wisconsin as well as more notable actors, such as Jon Gries from "Napoleon Dynamite" and Rosanna Arquette.

The film's star is Emma Holzer from HBO's "Boardwalk Empire."

The film is about a teenage girl who blamed for the murder of a family member. The audience has to decide whether she has committed the crime or the people in town are blaming her for something she didn't do. 

“We have some really good actors,” Myers said.

The film is based in southeastern Wisconsin. Pulera is from Janesville, so the film is being shot in Janesville, Whitewater, town of Richmond and Abells Corners north of Elkhorn.

“It's pretty crazy to try and shoot something here, but we're keeping true to the spirit of the community, and we're using a lot of local people as much as we can and using local locations and really try and make Janesville a character in the film,” Myers said.

Myers has never been to Janesville and said the communities they've filmed in have been nothing but welcoming.

“People here are so friendly and accommodating,” Myers said. “Some small towns are kind of standoffish … But here the community has been very, very welcoming, and I think it's a really great place to shoot.”

Last week, the crew filmed at Abell's Restaurant and Lounge in Abells Corners for a day.

Owner Mike Kapitan said he never dreamed a movie would be shot in his restaurant.

“It was a really neat experience to see how everyone was running around and doing their job,” Kapitan said.

On Tuesday, the actors made their way to a farmhouse in the town of Richmond. The house serves as a main location for the film, Mindy Wade said.

Wade and her husband, Steven Wade, own the house and another used in the film. Three weeks ago, Pulera knocked on the Wade's home door to see if the couple would allow filming.

“My gut reaction was it was a joke,” Mindy said.

Once she realized it was the real deal, she became excited and nervous. 

The cast has been in town filming since Aug. 10 and plans to wrap up Monday, Myers said.

Filming at the town of Richmond home will continue until Monday, Mindy said. She helps the crew at the homes and says she's learning a lot. On Tuesday, she learned how car scenes are filmed.

“When I've watched a show on TV or looked at a little movie, I look at it a lot differently now because I know how much time went into the scene to set it up,” Mindy said.

The goal is to complete editing within the next three to five months and enter the film in to next year's Sundance Film Festival and/or SXSW, a film and music festival otherwise known as South by Southwest, before it hits theaters.

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