Your Views: Wisconsin must really get tough with drunken drivers

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I want Wisconsin and other states to really crack down on all drunken drivers. Those with multiple convictions should spend time in jail without bail.

They don’t care when they drive drunk. Some don’t care if they injure or kill someone. I lost my daughter-in-law to a drunken driver in Oregon. This person made bail though it was the third DUI.

Some will go right back to driving drunk. Those who drive drunk should listen to small children who want their mom or dad back. Listen to their cries—maybe it will open your eyes. The young man injured with my daughter-in-law needs more surgeries and will never be the same.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of those who died or were injured badly. Would you want it to be you?

My grandchildren lost their mom forever. Try telling two small children why Mommy lost her life.

You made the choice to drive drunk; it’s no one’s fault but your own.

Let’s do a walk in the park and barbecue to stomp out drunken drivers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a judge, police officer, fast food worker or don’t work—you drive drunk, spend time behind bars. You need punishment. No more chances if you drive drunk. Tickets don’t work. Making them attend classes doesn’t work. Don’t say it won’t happen to your family or friend. Let’s stomp out drunken driving. My prayers are with those injured or who lost someone to a drunken driver.



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