Feds say owners of Delavan smoke shop selling fake pot

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Staff | August 19, 2014

DELAVAN--Federal prosecutors have seized $776,000 from the bank accounts of a couple who run The Smoke Shop in Delavan, claiming the money comes from the sale of synthetic marijuana, according to a story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Smoke Shop owners, David and Erin Yarmo, sell assorted merchandise, including tobacco, health drinks, smoking accessories and packets of incense that drug agents say buyers smoke like marijuana.   

Prosecutors filed a civil forfeiture action against the couple.

The couple's attorney said the products in question are legal or were legal when sold at The Smoke Shop.

The products are labeled 'not for human consumption' but smoked like marijuana, authorities say. They have been reported by users to cause hallucinations, paranoia and panic attacks.

Prosecutors say the chemical makeup of the product mean it could be considered a controlled substance.  

Drug charges were filed by the state against David Yarmo in March, but dismissed in July.
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