Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

On election: It's hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting these decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

-- The Gazette used to post how each candidate did in each ward in Janesville. I didn't see that in Wednesday's paper. I was just wondering why you didn't do that. It's kind of interesting to see how the candidates do in each ward. Hopefully you will print it after the  November election.

-- Mike Sheridan dug his own hole. So don't forget that. I didn't forget it when I placed my vote.

-- Now that Sheridan has run a distant third in the Democratic primary, maybe he will realize he has no future in Rock County politics.

-- Wednesday's elections were quite interesting. The folks are fed up with tax increases. It's about time they woke up.

-- Now that Blackhawk Tech's referendum failed, maybe we should get rid of advanced placement classes that we spend millions on in high schools to push kids into four-year colleges. Half never use this knowledge. Let's add high school classes on computer numerical control, electric, plumbing, welding and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

-- Sound Off has been filled with nothing but political ads. Now that the primary is over, can we go back to normal? I feel like I've overdosed on politics.

On gubernatorial race: Do not forget who Mary Burke will represent if elected governor. She will represent increasing minimum wage, working people for men and women alike versus Scott Walker, who refuses to increase minimum wage, canceled equal pay for women and only cares about the tea party rich. We need Mary Burke as governor.

-- Regarding the Aug. 13 Sound Off, if Burke is going to be representing unions, I'm going to vote for her for certain.

On voter ID: I registered to vote in the primary and was asked for an ID. If it's unconstitutional to ask someone for an ID to vote, why is it not unconstitutional to ask someone for an ID to register? Furthermore, if you have to show an ID to register to vote, why is it supposedly such a burden to show that same ID when it comes time to vote? The answers are pretty obvious.

-- The reason for voter ID is the number of illegal immigrants in this country. It's bad enough that one baby allows them to get welfare benefits that should go to citizens, reducing the amount that citizens can get, but allowing these fake takers to vote would be adding insult to injury.

On dilapidated building: Every time I go by the intersection of East Milwaukee Street and Highway 14 and look at that falling down, white, very dilapidated building, I wonder why something has not been done about it. I recall several years ago people were criticized for something far less dilapidated than that building.

On protests over shooting: Important to hear from a respected African-American on CNN state that, in essence, using the tragic death of a young black male as an excuse to rob and pillage the community, no matter what the color, is disgusting and inexcusable and does nothing to solve the problem.

On old gas station: I agree with Mark Freitag. Tear it down. It's an eyesore. It's no building that we should even try to repair or renovate. It's just money thrown after junk.

On Briarmoon editorial: I disagree with many of K. Andreah Briarmoon's causes and methods. However, I strongly object to your editorial on Page 6A Aug. 13. It opens the first five paragraphs with the description of Miss Briarmoon as “this woman.” It sounds personal, sexist and is bad journalism. It is your rant this time.

-- Briarmoon doesn't blame Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler for vote irregularities. She blames the Democratic and Republican Party members for not providing adequate supervision, which is the citizen responsibility, not Lori's responsibility.

On city spending: The citizens of Janesville are tired of being taxed out of their pants with new bus stations, fire stations, trash fees, a wheel tax and the riot wagon. Maybe we should downsize on numbers of firemen and police we hire. That might save money. Look at all the houses for sale. People are leaving because they can't afford to live in Janesville anymore.

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