Your Views: Despite Anchor Inn fire, businessmen make wedding day special

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

We'd like to sincerely thank John Kinnet and Chico Pope from the bottoms of our hearts for all of their hard work and generosity in helping us plan our wedding reception. Our day turned out perfectly, and we have you both to thank for it.

John, it's impossible to even imagine how many emotions have been running through your head with such a tragic fire at the Anchor Inn taking away so many memories. Yet it wasn't even 24 hours later, and you already had a plan in motion for our reception that was to take place five days later. What a selfless and compassionate thing to do. We can't wait for the new reveal of Anchor Inn II, and we're sure you will have great success.

Chico, you were so willing to do anything to make this reception happen for us, and you didn't hesitate one bit. We had only three days to make arrangements, but we got everything we asked for and more. Many thanks go to you, your wife, and your Buckhorn Supper Club staff for your generosity, flexibility and kindness. You are such a wonderful and good-hearted man, and we are so grateful that you opened your doors to us.

You are both reputable business owners, and we will forever talk highly of your establishments. Thank you both so much for your extraordinary customer service and your teamwork in helping us put together this wedding reception.



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