Your Views: State is at fault, must fix Milton’s bypass fiasco

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Friday, August 15, 2014

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation should be held solely responsible for the mess created in Milton with its highway construction around our city.

The DOT had other models to follow, such as those in Whitewater, Jefferson and elsewhere in the state. The best model is in Fort Atkinson, which allows direct access from the Highway 26 bypass with a Business Hwy. 26 through the heart of that city. As a result, nothing changed there!

What is needed to correct Milton’s problem is a similar scenario with an overpass at the south end of Milton for our own Business 26. The DOT created other overpasses during this project, so what’s one more overpass to safeguard the present and future of Milton? We must have a business Hwy. 26 into Milton other than DOT’s lame concoction.

Milton’s officials tried to provide input during planning and construction but were snubbed by DOT. The only solution to this fiasco is for the DOT to admit to its bumbling mistake and fix it with corrective construction.

At present, travelers and neighbors don’t want the hassle of trying to get here anymore. Personally, I use John Paul Road and County N to avoid the Milton bypass entirely. No amount of signage and advertising can fix our problem, such as the DOT asserts. Unless the DOT does something soon, we are in danger of losing cherished businesses in Milton and stunting our growth for the future.



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