Your Views: Father applauds plans Janesville's new Rock University High School

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Friday, August 15, 2014

I just wanted to give my thank you for the article in the Monday, Aug. 11, Gazette about the Rock University High School, which is starting this upcoming school year.

My daughter is one of the students who will be participating in the new charter program, and she is thrilled for the opportunity to expand her educational and intellectual abilities both near and abroad with other students.

It’s true that the public school system can take students only so far in intellectual studies. With today’s technology, the students are able to get just as much information as the teachers. What this program will do is help them interact with students from other countries and possibly brainstorm solutions to some of the issues we have in our world today.

I’m not trying to knock the public school system, but some students want more of an academic challenge and less drama. I know I don’t speak for all of the parents who have their children enrolled at Rock University High School, but it is an honor for us to have an alternative higher education.

I’m sure that Rich Gruber, chairman of the Rock University High School Board, and Jane Thompson, dean of students, are both willing and capable of getting this program off the ground. It will be a challenge for all parties involved, but both my daughter and I like the road less traveled.

I hope to hear more good things from Rock University High School.



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