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Friday, August 15, 2014


On editorial critical of K. Andreah Briarmoon: Great summation of her. ... Anyone who trusts her around money is a fool. Whenever she ran for council, she not only would lose but she'd get the least amount of votes in her imaginary queendom of the Fourth Ward.

-- NewerTestament

-- I read the title on this article and started laughing. Then the article spells out many things that Briarmoon has been involved in, and I kept laughing. The fact that someone at The Gazette finally said what I have thought all along about Briarmoon's antics is refreshing.

-- sleeponit

-- Everyone knows her “we the people” is a joke. … We should just consider her one insignificant part of our free society and look forward to the day she moves to Beloit.

-- Crappie Man

-- Newer Testament: … Are you a city employee? You seem awful sensitive to the subject of Andreah Briarmoon, who in the overall scheme of things is only taken seriously by about a half a dozen people on the entire planet.

-- Nick Danger

On razing or saving old gas station: Any councilperson who votes to keep this station will not get my vote.

-- new user

-- This is a very tough situation, and I can see both sides. Cost is a real and immediate issue. It has deteriorated due to the city doing nothing to save it, but in fairness to the city, they bought it with the idea of demolishing it, so can't fault them. … Good luck to both sides on this issue. There will be no real winner here.

-- hdonlybob

-- Decide to park a fire truck there, and then the demolition will be justified.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- If renovated, how much will it cost to maintain? What will it be used for? What happens if the police department needs to expand?

-- RetArmy

On city seeks one-year retirement notice: As political as the city is, I would not want to be potentially put on a “retirement shelf” for a full year ahead of time (Reasons should be obvious). Good department management includes preparing people to step up when advancement jobs occur.

-- hdonlybob

-- This is not an unusual request by any employer. The benefits to the employee are that the HR department can provide information to make the transformation to retirement less stressful and hopefully maximize benefits. The employer is able to work a smooth transition to the new or promoted employee with barely any notice to the rest of the organization or customers.

-- new user

On Blackhawk Tech referendum fails: A $4 million forever increase for whatever they want? No!

-- buyusa

-- Thank goodness!

-- wislady

-- I would have called it deliberately misleading. The wording makes it sound like they're asking for a reallocation of existing funds, not a tax increase. The wording, placement on the back of the ballot, and placement in a historically low-turnout election suggest the BTC folks knew this wouldn't be popular and did their best to sneak it by the voters.

-- Northman

-- Looks like consultant Bill McCoshen … used by Blackhawk Tech to get this tax increase referendum passed, didn't earn his keep this time. The question now is how did this referendum question get authorized to be on the ballot without once using the words “tax increase”?

-- philosophyofliberty

On police consider electric motorcycle: Interesting concept. Based on its described use, sure would beat a bicycle.

-- hdonlybob

-- $18 grand for a trail enforcement vehicle? Does it also include Batmanesque guns?

-- Jennifer Petersen

-- I won't be satisfied with an evaluation until a ramp is constructed and Chief Dave Moore jumps the Spring Brook Gorge with one of these. (Just kidding, Dave).

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Would a quicker trail patrol allow for a longer doughnut break? Also, this electric bike hampers the officer's ability to burn off those calories.

-- buyusa

-- The real Ice Age Trail test run would be on the Devil's Staircase.

-- NewerTestament

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