Your Views: Keep state work rules for those with disabilities

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

We are writing to protest the Department of Human Services' proposed changes to Medicaid services in home and community-based settings. We want the full array of employment and residential services to be kept intact. Facility-based vocational services must be protected! The proposed changes relate to Family Care 1915(b) and 1915(c) HCBS waivers in Wisconsin.

My son Greg has attended VIP Services since graduating from Lakeland School. He is proud of the work he does in the workshop. Because of his cognitive disability, he does not drive. We have had trials with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, but he is unable to stay on task and has not been successful. He is safe and successful at VIP, and is very satisfied with his wage. Greg loves his days at VIP and has the same group of friends he had at school.

Gov. Walker, please don't take the option for workshop services away from Greg. The option to attend a sheltered workshop should be available to those who desire it. There is no downside to this, but a tremendous downside in taking it away. The displaced workers would find no substitute in our community.

Governors in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Mississippi have responded to this initiative by signing executive orders to protect the rights of disabled individuals to receive workshop services if they so choose. I am a Wisconsin state worker. Please don't let our family down.



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