Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On voter ID: It’s my understanding that you need to show an ID to register to vote, so why is it a problem to show the same ID when it comes time to actually vote? Just as conservatives will not be able to stop gay marriage, liberals are not going to stop photo ID for voting.

-- There is only one reason our governor and the Legislature want voter ID. It’s because those are the people we voted into office, and now they don’t trust us.

On birth control: Republicans are so adamant at preventing access to birth control to women. They want to protect every fertilized or unfertilized egg. Yet, they turn their backs and do not want to help children from other poor countries who do not have access to birth control. They should celebrate them.

On foreign students: This is regarding Superintendent Karen Schulte bringing the Chinese to Janesville. They were supposed to have host families, and they ended up being in a hotel. I would like to know how many families did Schulte actually host when these Chinese didn’t have anywhere to stay.

On grammar: I’m calling about the caption below the picture of the bus crash on Page 1A Thursday. If you don’t mean “who is,” you don’t use the apostrophe. The last sentence should have stated: “The car’s driver, whose name (whose, not who’s) wasn’t immediately available…” Such mistakes! Spelling is part of grammar. What gives?

On city retirements: This is in response to the city wanting retirement notification and the number of people that have left within the last year (Page 1A, Saturday). I guess the real question is, why is everybody leaving since City Manager Mark Freitag took over?

On Packer preseason: Watching a Packer preseason game is about as exciting as going to the prom with your sister.

On Garden Court: I’m calling about the front page Sunday about Garden Court apartments. The article makes it sound like a wonderful place. Unfortunately, after delivering Meals on Wheels to this location for over 10 years, I’m sad to say that many residents live in less than livable situations created by their own doing. It’s not monitored very well.

On prejudice: It’s a sad state of affairs when we as human beings can’t live and let live.  Who are you to judge others because of your religious beliefs, their color and who they want to marry and where they come from? Are you so perfect that you have the right?  Look in the mirror, and you will see an angry, frustrated, self-righteous person.

On Beloit shootings: My problem is they don’t do anything with them when they do catch them. They slap them on the hand and turn them loose. If it was me, they want to fight, send them to Afghanistan.

On diversity: In view of reported crime statistics and the demographics of people living almost exclusively on social welfare programs paid for by our taxes, one question needs to be answered: Exactly how is so-called diversity an overall plus for our community?

On new pizza parlor: It’s nice to see something different on the south side that isn’t your cookie-cutter pizza place.

On gubernatorial race: Do not forget who Mary Burke will represent if elected governor: union, union, union.

On Delavan-Darien: The school district has made efforts to reduce open enrollment with little improvement. Now the district is seeing the exiting of experienced teachers and some principals. According to the annual survey, the reasons available are related to leadership at the administration center.


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