Your Views: Janesville has too many crybabies

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Monday, August 11, 2014

This is to all of you crybabies who are complaining about a much-needed fire station. This station is outdated and very short on much-needed space. People from out of state plus businesses look for three things:

1. Fire protection.

2. Police protection.

3. Schools.

The 12 houses are being purchased at fair market value. Plus the residents are being given different houses to be looked at. The city is helping and bending over backward to make this an easy transition.

The bus garage is a big, white elephant. Sure, the federal government paid for 83 percent. So why do we need a second floor? You whiners didn’t say much about this big white joke.

I’d be willing to bet you crybabies don’t have sidewalks yet either. And who would be the first in line to complain if it took too long to get to their house for a fire truck or ambulance?

Grow up, people, or get out of town.



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