Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

On 15th Senate District race: I happened to run into Janis Ringhand at the fair. She seemed nice enough but lacked solid answers to my questions. I’m not so sure she can handle the issues we need addressed here in Rock County.

-- I am a GM retiree. The UAW’s leadership has chosen a candidate to support. The UAW expects its membership to act like sheep and do what they’re told without knowing their candidate and his actions while in office. I’m not a mindless member of the UAW’s flock. I will vote for whom I feel is the best person, not for one of their good old buddies.

-- I’m disgusted about all the negative campaigning. Mike Sheridan is trying to run a positive campaign with all the other candidates taking cheap shots at Mike. They have nothing to stand on. Let them stand on their record compared to Mike’s.

-- Austin Scieszinski knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago. I was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge and common sense. He will be getting my vote.

-- If Tim Cullen with all his political experience and savvy doesn’t feel that he can make a difference any longer, how can anyone possibly think Austin Scieszinski, with no experience at all, can do anywhere near equal to what Tim has done?

-- After reading the negativity on Janis Ringhand in the Aug. 3 Sound Off, I had to call in. One person never heard of her. Really? She’s been interviewed on TV many times and in the newspapers countless times.

-- In Wednesday’s Sound Off, someone said, “What someone has done in the past should not reflect the future.” I guess that explains how Obama got re-elected. I thought that in 2012, after four years of bungling, ineptness, incompetence and lies, surely the American public would not revote that person back in. I was proven wrong by 51 percent of the population.

-- Regarding Page 3A Wednesday, “Sheridan responds to ad from former colleague,” Sheridan is using his personal failings to appeal for votes by saying his opponents are using a negative campaign against him. His opponents are not waging a negative campaign; they’re not making his past an issue. He’s just trying to look like a victim.

-- After listening to the radio debate, it’s clear that Scieszinski is not a Democrat. His five-point plan lacks details, and it’s clear that Scieszinski is too inexperienced, too shallow and too Republican.

On sheriff’s race: The amount of money raised (Page 3A, Wednesday) does not matter regarding whom we should vote for. Sheriff Spoden has had two previous terms. Therefore, his campaign costs could be much less. Spoden has my vote because he has been and will be the best person for the job.

On BTC referendum: In regard to the Blackhawk Tech referendum, my wife and I are voting “no.” That is an open checkbook. I don’t believe we should have an open checkbook for anybody. They should go year to year on it if they need the money.

-- It is amazing how Blackhawk Tech does not give credit to Gov. Walker for reducing our state property taxes, and, even more so, they now want to spend half of that savings.

On Congress: It’s failing miserably. It reminds me of childhood when troublemakers always blame someone else. Now these adults use President Obama and blame him for their own lack of character, intelligence and diplomacy. I thought it was cowardly then. It is more so now. Don’t let these cowards run this country anymore.

On walkway grant: The state Department of Transportation can’t properly maintain our roads, but it can grant $1 million for a river walk in Beloit (Page 8A, Thursday).

On bridge repairs: Here it is August, and they still don’t have the Milwaukee Street bridge fixed. When did that accident happen? Are we going to wait another few years?

On motorized bicycle: An older gentleman is riding around town on a bicycle he’s made into a motorcycle with a gasoline engine on it. No license plate. No registration. He insists it’s still a bicycle, so he goes around and races on the city bike trail, where motor vehicles aren’t allowed. When is the police department going to do something about this guy?

On Janesville skatepark: If they do build it, they should build it next to the new centrally located main firehouse. If they do that, the kids will come. They will feel safe and enjoy it, and the knuckleheads who like to ruin things for everybody else won’t show up because they’ll know they’re being watched.

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