Your Views: Without robust UN, how will we survive?

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

It was expected that the United Nations would be respected and adequately funded to take leadership during global emergencies, impossible as it was to predict what lay ahead. A feeling of world citizenship developed during the 18 years or so that the Governor’s Commission on the United Nations was active in Wisconsin. The Whitewater City Council resolved to display both the United States and the United Nations flags side by side at the entrance to City Hall as a symbol of their warmth of feeling.

But the resolution was never executed. Finally, this summer, after 43 years in limbo, the resolution was repealed. Among the prevailing decision-makers, the prestige for the United Nations had diminished to such an extent that the U.N. flag no longer was considered worthy of being displayed beside our national flag.

 Global emergency after global emergency arises. Who is in charge? I gave my farm to Michael Fields Agricultural Institute because I was too old to cope with massive honeybee kills. That is a global emergency. In whose jurisdiction? If we don’t have a robust United Nations that earns and deserves the respect and support of its constituents, how do we hope to keep surviving?



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