Your Views: Gazette story on domestic violence raises questions about guns

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

I saw the article in Sunday’s Gazette (July 27) that even after someone is given a restraining order, that person often comes back and starts problems again. What I want to know is if there is violence in the home, and there is knowledge that guns are present, why aren’t the guns confiscated by the police right then and there instead of waiting a month to make sure the violator brings it in voluntarily, which apparently isn’t happening in most cases? Wouldn’t that help cut some of the violence?

I know the violator could go out and get another gun, but that person’s name should be put into stores and gun shows so they don’t sell that person guns for a certain amount of time, like perhaps six months or one year. Also, the person should get anger management classes.

We have computers now, so there’s no reason why communications can’t be done quickly. What a joke!

I was one of those on the wrong end of violence, and the police did nothing until it got too late.



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