Your Views: Primate experiments are dismaying, not surprising

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Regarding the Aug. 2 article about the UW-Madison’s Dr. Kalin’s primate experiments, I am dismayed, but not surprised, that such a prestigious university would continue to allow such cruel behavior.

Anyone with half a brain realizes that being isolated, scared and deprived of any normal life and affection in the youngest years results in a person with emotional problems to some degree in dealing with others and coping with life. To deliberately subject animals, or people, to such cruel conditions is inhuman and inhumane.

All this “study” does is reinforce the known damage of such a childhood. I would suggest a study to find out why Dr. Kaplin and his colleagues continue to pursue this type of cruel behavior as their life’s work. What were their childhoods like? Is it so much about the money that they are immune to suffering, or is there a pleasure they get in watching the torment of these animals?

As far as the graduate school’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee agreeing to this, since the group is primarily made up of just these experimenters, of course they will agree that anything suggested by an associate is OK. It’s no different than any group of buddies agreeing to stick together no matter how questionable the situation. And shame on you, Eric Sandgren! As head of the UW Veterinary School, one would think your goal would be to provide optimal care of animals, not condone their abuse.

Please write to UW-Madison and object to this cruel and useless “experiment.”



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