Your Views: Gary Groelle will treat all in Rock County with regard, respect

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Friday, August 8, 2014

I have lived in Milton for the past 35 years and have known Capt. Gary Groelle for the past 30. During the time I’ve known and observed Capt. Groelle, he has always shown a great deal of respect for everyone around him.

While teaching and coaching at Milton High School, I was able to watch and observe Capt. Groelle work with a lot of young men on and off the basketball court. He was always very encouraging, never giving up on them, even when they made bad decisions. His coaching style and demeanor never changed. He was consistently positive in all high-pressure situations. As an assistant coach, he was a great role model for these young men.

As sheriff, I would foresee Capt. Groelle taking the same approach he took on the basketball court. He would treat everyone with a great deal of regard and respect. He would remain calm in both high- and low-pressure situations as leaders do and would be a positive role model for those he would lead.

Because of the leadership I have seen Capt. Groelle display, he will get my vote for sheriff Aug. 12, and I hope he gets your vote, as well.



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