Your Views: Gary Groelle has training, skill to tackle big issues in Rock County

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Friday, August 8, 2014

In a few days we will have the opportunity and great privilege to vote for the person we would desire to lead our county law enforcement agency for the next four years.

As a former member of the Rock County Sheriff’s Office for 30-plus years, I have had the opportunity to work with Gary Groelle. More recently, I have been able to sit down with Capt. Groelle on several occasions and discuss issues facing our communities. Gary has a great desire to address two huge issues that continue to plague our communities in an ever-increasing degree—drug addiction and violence. These issues will require a strong law enforcement approach, an enhanced teamwork between law enforcement agencies, the district attorney’s office and a strong commitment to collaborate with community leaders and the general public. It will not be easy and will require hard work.

Gary Groelle not only has the sincere and deep desire needed for such an assignment but also the character, formal training and skills needed to motivate and lead as the sheriff of Rock County.



Retired commander, law enforcement services

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