Your Views: Gary Groelle’s compassion for people is unparalleled

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Our family has lived in Rock County for six years, and during that time we’ve gotten to know Gary Groelle. He is a law enforcement professional whose leadership and, more important, compassion for human beings is unparalleled.

Gary cares about others more than he cares about himself. He cares for kids, and the community, as evidenced by his basketball coaching and other community service in Milton. He does things like that not for a press release or photo opportunity but because he cares about people and the community.

Rock County deserves a new sheriff who will put the people of Rock County first; someone who puts service above self; someone who is a strong communicator; and someone who has strong leadership skills and works well with others.

Gary Groelle is all of that, and that is why he is getting my vote Aug. 12. I hope he gets yours, as well, as he would do a great job for all of us.



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