Your Views: Rock County residents fortunate to have Robert Spoden serving us

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

It’s privilege to offer my support for Sheriff Robert Spoden. I have known Sheriff Spoden for over 10 years and have been impressed with his professionalism, integrity and remarkable record of successes.

I’ve watched with great interest the forums between Sheriff Spoden and his opponent, Gary Groelle. Groelle’s criticism regarding the age of guns being utilized by the department is unjustified. I contacted the New York Police Department—employing more than 40,000 officers—to secure outside perspective. The NYPD’s Consumer Information Department communicated that the average age of those guns is approximately 15 years. Glock itself—maker of the guns in question—claims they will last up to 100 years with proper maintenance. So, given the gun age and maintenance reported by The Gazette and Rock County Sheriff’s Office, plus Sheriff Spoden’s five-year replacement plan, it seems he is acting in the interests of his staff and taxpayers.

Under Sheriff Spoden’s leadership, Rock County instituted alternative offender programs, saving taxpayers more than $50 million in a proposed jail expansion. His Workender Program alone saved $222,000 in inmate housing, providing 22,830 hours of service to local nonprofits. Sheriff Spoden leveraged DNR funding to increase recreational safety patrols, secured funding to establish Project Lifesaver to assist families of lost/missing loved ones with Alzheimer’s and autism, and began a special investigations unit that, working with the FBI, dismantled an international drug cartel in Rock County.

As Rock County citizens, we’ve been very fortunate to have Sheriff Spoden working for us.



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