Your Views: Mike Sheridan is advocate for concerns of veterans

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

I’ve known Mike Sheridan for many years and have had the opportunity to work and speak with him about many issues through the years.

As a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, I’ve witnessed firsthand Mike’s concerned approach to the many issues we veterans face daily in our personal and professional lives. As our representative in the Assembly, Mike worked on issues related to post-traumatic stress disorder and the concerns and problems veterans face in getting proper care through an over-burdened Veterans Administration.

Mike has been a true friend of veterans seeking to be retrained for the workforce and transitioning into civilian life. His enthusiastic support for our state and local technical colleges and universities speaks volumes for his understanding of the role those institutions play in training a highly skilled workforce. Mike has gone the distance in assuring that veterans are an important piece of that workforce.

Please join me in supporting Mike Sheridan in the 15th Senate District’s Democratic primary Tuesday.



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