Your Views: Mark Spreitzer wants all of us to stay engaged in process

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here are some reasons I’m supporting Mark Spreitzer in the 45th Assembly District:

Mark sees politics as a way to make our community a better place, by bringing young and old together, by working with Republicans and Democrats at City Hall, and by getting to know the concerns of all his constituents. By his example and his words, he urges all of us to stay engaged with trying to change the laws and policies that affect our daily lives—not to give up on “politics as usual” but to cherish our democracy and keep working to make it better. Mark works especially hard to involve young people in the political process and to keep them from becoming cynical about how government can be a force for good.

Mark knows the issues. I’ve often put him on the spot by asking how this or that national or international issue affects us in southern Wisconsin, and he’s always prepared with an answer. He listens carefully and offers thoughtful responses to complex questions. Mark believes deeply that all Wisconsin citizens should be treated fairly and equally under the law.

His leadership on the Beloit City Council puts him in a very strong spot to understand how decisions made in Madison affect us in Beloit. I’m sure he will negotiate on both sides of the aisle to restore control over local funding to local authorities.

Mark will make an excellent representative; please join me in supporting him.



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