Your Views: As senator, Austin Scieszinski would make us proud

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

We had a chance to meet the young Austin Scieszinski last Friday. It was refreshing to talk with someone with fire and enthusiasm and so knowledgeable about the issues.

We shouldn’t forget how very young many of the fathers of our country were: James Monroe, 18, Aaron Burr, 20, Alexander Hamilton, 22, and James Madison, 25. They got a lot of things right back in 1776, and we can use some of that kind of enthusiasm again. The old-timers and their corporate money have made a mess of things.

Austin shows great concern about the current administration’s plans to take away local control of decisions, be it mining, fracking or others. I believe he doesn’t like what has happened to our schools and the people with the passage of Act 10, or of preventing so many from getting health care by not cooperating with the Affordable Care Act and not expanding Medicare for low-income folks.

In our present situation, the governor has Republican majority support in both houses. State government is out of balance with no checks on what one party can force on us. Even the state Supreme Court is a rubber stamp for the governor’s ill-conceived and radical ideas. We must try to elect a Democrat to the Senate, and while all the candidates have good qualities, I believe this young man has the right ideas and would be a senator of which we would be proud.



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