Your Views: Sheriff Robert Spoden serves with thrift, creativity

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

As a citizen of Rock County, I look forward to Robert Spoden being re-elected as our sheriff.

Innovation, thrift, creativity and the ability to look at the bigger picture are qualities that have underscored Sheriff Spoden’s first two terms. His utmost concern has been and will continue to be for the safety of citizens of Rock County.

One of Sheriff Spoden’s most recent innovations is the Computer Cop program. While the focus of public safety tends to revolve around patrolling the streets and dealing appropriately with offenders, I believe, as Sheriff Spoden believes, it really starts in the home. Computer Cop is software designed to monitor Internet usage. It is a tool to help not only protect our kids, but, as red flags appear to warn of inappropriateness on the Internet, it also paves the way for open communication between parent and child about the many difficult issues our children face. Sheriff Spoden has made these DVDs free and available to the public at any library in Rock County and at the sheriff’s office.

As I see from speaking with any Rock County Sheriff’s Office employee, morale at the sheriff’s office has never been better. With two terms already served, Robert Spoden has the momentum to continue his track record of doing a great job for Rock County in his third term.

Since the office of sheriff will not need to proceed to a general election, please remember to vote in the primary on Aug. 12.



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